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Thu, Mar. 31st, 2005, 08:22 pm
boredrigid_2812: Something old, something new...

Willy Mason Cardiff Barfly February 22 2005

On a bitterly cold Tuesday night those who braved the arctic conditions to head to the Cardiff Barfly were treated to a night of incredible acoustic music. Support act Tom Partridge tried his best to warm up the sell out crowd but sadly fell short. Despite having a good voice and enjoyable songs his rather cheesy lyrics seemed weak in comparison to what we knew was to come and so left the stage to lukewarm applause.
What followed was a special set that demonstrated why Willy Mason is destined to be as an important figure as Bob Dylan. The comparisons with Dylan are inevitable, the alt-country style and incredibly politically and socially aware lyrics ensure that, however what makes Mason stand out so much is how mature he is considering his age. His is a voice of experience, one that belies the fact he is 19 and the music he is creating is so deep-rooted in feeling that you have a hard time letting it go even when it’s finished. Bob Dylan was the voice of previous generations, and I have no doubt that the potential for greatness that we saw tonight will fully mature in years to come and we will come to realise that Willy Mason is the voice for the 21st century.