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Wed, Mar. 2nd, 2005, 10:13 am

god so much has been going on of late.
Friday night we went to see The Numbers Racket, a "jump jive band fronted by Big Mo", to give a taster if anyone's seen Blast From the Past they play the song from that film where they go to the 50's club and are dancing, it's called Mr Zoot Suit. We spent the whole night jiving away not giving a rats ass about anyone else, i tell you all, for some godo fun and good exercise find some jive music and just start dancing!!

Also went to see Willy Mason, he was incredible, buy the album Where the Humans Eat, it is so Bob Dylanesque with this country rocky sound, he's someone who must be listened to, and to think, he's only 20, and to have a voice like that...i'll admit, i'm jealous!